Crash Course Driving Lessons

One week driving courses now available at Jon Matthews Intensive Driving School. Cheap intensive driving courses in Birmingham, London, Sheffield.

Some of the most celebrated drivers in the world, including members of the police and armed forces, learned to drive by taking crash courses. The human brain, it seems, is better suited to learning a multi tasked activity like driving in an immersive environment away from the distraction of our other responsibilities…

One Week Driving Course

Call us on 07806 193 453 to discuss your tuition neewds.

Pass in a week! Pass driving test in a week with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 driving lessons. Leave up to three weeks for the guaranteed pass course.

How Many Hours Do I need? How Much?

There is no correct answer any driving instructor can give, because every learner driver is different. So please be honest to your self, abilities, and budget as you look at some of the prices listed below with corresponding hours of tuition.

Details > > > 10 Hours 15 Hours 20 Hours 25 Hours 30 Hours 35 Hours 40 Hours
Deposit to pay £150.00 £150.00 £200.00 £200.00 £250.00 £250.00 £300.00
Total (no test) £250.00 £375.00 £500.00 £625.00 £750.00 £875.00 £1,000.00
Total (with test) £312.00 £437.00 £562.00 £687.00 £812.00 £937.00 £1,062.00
Guaranteed Pass ! up to 55 Hour Deposit: £500.00 Balance: £1,200.00 3 tests allowed

Do you want 20 driving lessons in a one week driving course?

Intensive Driving Lessons

Learning to drive doesn’t need to be a lengthy process. By taking a one week driving course it is now possible to learn to drive in just 1 week.

Secure your driving test from only £150.00 deposit at Jon Matthews Intensive School. You can also book your theory test, here. Details below.

One Week Driving Course

Many people take one driving lesson a week for months and sometimes years on end. Most of the time, people waste hours re-learning and recapping what they forgot from the previous week. Do away with the old-fashioned approach to driving and take an accelerated crash course driving lesson from a specialised intensive driving school instead.

Do you want to go upgrade a 20 driving lessons programme in a week? We also have 30 driving lessons, or our 35 hour course for new beginners.

Intensive Driving Instructors

A designated intensive driving instructor will take you from start to finish quickly, from getting the hang of the controls to learning to parallel park and navigate roundabouts. Qualified driving instructors, verified by the DVSA, will get you from absolute beginner to fully licenced driver in as little as a single week. Crash course driving lessons allow you to give your full attention to learning to drive in a short period of time. By immersing you in driving lessons you will learn faster and retain your new knowledge with ease.

Crash course driving lessons are designed for those who want to learn quickly and become skilled drivers. Some of the most celebrated drivers in the world, including members of the police and armed forces, learned to drive by taking crash courses. The human brain, it seems, is better suited to learning a multi tasked activity like driving in an immersive environment away from the distraction of our other responsibilities.

How To Start Booking Intensive Driving Courses

Below is a list of the number of lessons, with the prices attached. Decide on which course you want, click on the corresponding image, or price.

When you click, you will be taken to a payment screen. You will not be paying for all at once. You will only need to pay the deposit.

When you start your intensive course, you will pay the balance to the driving instructor.

Note: Actual driving test fee is normally £62.00 weekdays and £75.00 weekends.

Finding the time to learn to drive can be difficult due to busy work schedules, family commitments and further study. Don’t let learning a new skill interfere with your life. Take the plunge with a one-week driving course and pass your driving test first time with flying colours. Even those who have had hourly driving lessons in the past can benefit from taking a 1 week crash course. With higher pass rates, crash course driving lessons can even be more economical than weekly lessons. Fast track your success today and get your driving licence in just one week.

Crash course driving lessons are offered by Jon Matthews Intensive School. What are people saying about us?

Intensive Course Review: 5 STAR Rating!

Booked 28 hours worth of lessons and took my first lesson 10 days before my test. Instructor was great! I was taught at my own pace and quickly improved Thanks to the superb way I was taught. All manoeuvres were explained simple and easy to understand and get right very quickly. Also was told I didn’t need all the hours I’d payed for so was given a refund which shows what sort of company they are! I have already recommended them to a couple of friends and family.
1 Week Intensive Course
Date published: 01/20/2014
5 / 5 stars

Crash Course Driving Instructors

Our driving instructors are suitably equipped for intensive courses, so will steer you through your drive for knowledge on motoring skills. We will get you relaxed into the tuition car from the onset, build your confidence to and overcome whatever nerves you may bring to the party.

And now the packages…

Guaranteed Pass Intensive Course

NEW! Jon Matthews Driving School recently launched a brand new intensive course. You will recive up to 3 driving tests, plus additional training.

The total cost for this brand new guaranteed pass is £1,700

You need to choose the 55 hour option, pay the £500.00 deposit.

On the day you start, you can then complete payment. NOTE: We do need to extend this course up to 3 weeks before the first driving test.

If you choose this course, please be prepared to have a second or third driving test within 30 days of the initial one.

Deposit for the 55 hour guaranteed course is £500.00.

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We have the semi intensive driving course options. The world is getting far more busier than it was five years ago. As learner drivers adapt to accommodate new career prospects and an ever dynamic lifestyle the best intensive driving schools will adapt and encourage their professional driving instructors to deliver cheap crash course driving lessons.

Cheap Intensive Driving Lessons in Birmingham, Leicester, London, & Sheffield.

Crash Course Leicester Crash Course Driving Lessons. Pass in a week with 20 driving lessons, 5 day driving course, & one week driving courses, and intensive courses.